Nicole Dyson

Future Anything
Once referred to as having 'super hype hair' by a fourteen-year-old workshop participant, Nicole is an experienced school leader and a globally recognized expert and practitioner in project-based learning and youth entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Future Anything, an award-winning, curriculum-aligned entrepreneurship program for high school students, and has worked alongside 100's of schools and over 20 000 students nationally to bend the future; one youth-led idea at a time. Nicole is also the founder of YouthX, Australia's only startup accelerator program for school-aged entrepreneurs, and the founder of Catapult Cards, a process-driven card game that takes users through the process of ideating, prototyping, and pitching their own innovative, scalable, and sustainable business. As a social enterprise, 50% of the profits from each Catapult Cards kit support youth-led ventures to launch and scale through the provision of micro-funding opportunities and industry mentoring.


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9 - 11 march