Remembering Start-Up Week! Morning Tea with Chief Entrepreneur Andrew Nunn

In the dynamic world of startups, the significance of heeding advice cannot be overstated. It’s like  having a compass that guides you through uncharted waters.


SA’s Chief Entrepreneur Andrew Nunn at _SOUTHSTART // REVIVAL



At _SOUTHSTART, our events serve as to connect entrepreneurs with people championing start-up growth like SA Chief Entrepreneur Andrew Nunn. These encounters are more than just networking opportunities; they are windows to amazing insights and expertise.  Embracing advice from luminaries like Andrew is not just a choice, but a strategic advantage that can redefine the trajectory of a startup’s journey.

Our START/UP WEEK program in November ’22 commenced with a small gathering of founders at New Venture Institute. Over the course of the morning, the following insights were shared and they were such motivators to so many we’ve re-shared them here.

The Importance of Rolling the Dice

Andrew began by stressing the importance of taking calculated risks. He likened the fear of failure to the fear of starvation, which drives founders to push their limits. However, Andrew highlighted that true success comes from being 1000% committed to one’s vision, as the entrepreneurial journey is bound to become challenging.


Embrace the 3am Morning Voice

In sharing personal advice, Andrew urged founders to be clear about their vision and determine if there is a genuine demand for it. He recommended paying attention to the thoughts that keep one awake at 3 am, as these are often indicators of crucial matters needing attention. Listening to one’s gut when it detects problems is essential for addressing critical issues promptly.


Think Big, Not Incrementally

A key takeaway from the event was the necessity of thinking big rather than settling for incremental progress. Andrew emphasised that thinking big provides a solid framework for shaping one’s thoughts and actions. This approach can prevent valuable time from being consumed by small, incremental steps that may not lead to significant advancements.


Be Awake to Changes and Non-Linearity

Entrepreneurs were advised to remain vigilant about changes happening around them and embrace the non-linear nature of the entrepreneurial journey. Flexibility and adaptability are essential traits in the ever-changing business landscape.


Roll the Dice and Stick with Conviction

Rolling the dice was metaphorically linked to taking one’s own path and having the determination to stick with it, regardless of challenges or setbacks. Andrew encouraged founders to be unwavering in their conviction and not shy away from uncharted territories.


Be Brutally Honest with Yourself

Acknowledging one’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial to personal and professional growth. Andrew emphasised the need for self-critique and honesty in recognizing areas that require improvement.


Engage Customers in the Vision

Founders were encouraged to involve their customers in their big vision. Understanding their needs and perspectives fosters loyalty and can provide invaluable feedback for enhancing products or services.


The Team is Vital

Recognising that entrepreneurship is a team sport, Andrew emphasised the importance of understanding the individuals within the team and their roles. While having a team is essential, there should be one leader to drive the business and the overall vision.


Know Your Clients Inside Out

Understanding clients and customers inside out, including their preferences and pain points, is paramount. Maintaining strong relationships with them is crucial as they play a significant role in the lifeline and cash flow of any business.


Dream Big

The final and perhaps most important takeaway was to dream big. Andrew stressed that ambitious aspirations are the driving force behind achieving extraordinary success. Believing in and pursuing audacious goals is the key to reaching new heights.


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