Mike Scott

Co-Founder and CEO
Nona Digital
With over 20 years as an ‘in the trenches’ entrepreneur, I have developed a deep capability and passion for small business operating systems and leadership, particularly in the Fintech and Blockchain space. As co-founder and CEO of Nona I have had and continue to have the privilege of leading an award-winning team of exceptional software product experts. We have become a truly remarkable global business, operating at the highest levels, delivering software products to leading FinTech and Blockchain companies around the world. I was an early adopter in the blockchain space which lead to many speaking engagements across 3 continents. Nona continues to deliver projects in this space at the highest level. I moved to Australia in 2019 to continue Nona’s globalization and become a truly remote CEO. I’m also the host of ‘The Fintech Founder Journey’ podcast. Outside of work, you’ll find me on my mountain bike, with my family, or in our food garden…almost always listening to an audiobook or podcast.


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9 - 11 march