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Being an entrepreneur, following your dream, founding a company - we know how hard startup life can be. That'd why we created our Social Mixer series; to connect you to the ideas, humans, & opportunities that can help your journey.


Startups Anonymous

16 / 09 / 2019

Being an Entrepreneur, following your dream, founding a company - we know how fu*!@ed up startup life can be. The hustle is real. It can often be a hard and lonely road. That’s why we’re throwing a party! Join us for a very special "Startups Anonymous" at Arthur’s Arthouse, powered by our friends over at Austrade's Landing Pads program. Not been? Well then….imagine part house party, part art installations, all awesome. To help us celebrate, we’ve invited a few friends including Mohan Koo, Elaine Stead and George Freney [and more ;)] to have an informal discussion about all things startup and mindset. Tickets on sale now, which include canapes and drinks, PLUS we'll be giving away 5 FREE conference tickets!


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