Phoebe Gardner

Co-founder & CEO
Phoebe is the Co-founder and CEO of Bardee on a mission to reshape the global food system. To do this, Bardee is transforming food waste into protein and fertiliser with insects. Bardee's Melbourne facility can divert up to ten tons of food waste from landfill per day - an Olympic swimming pool of food waste every month. The insects, black soldier fly larvae, eat food waste and grow three thousand times in size in less than a week in Bardee labs. Today, Bardee's insect protein is being used as a sustainable ingredient in pet dog food. Every ton of Bardee's insect protein offsets fifty tons CO2e emissions. Next, Bardee will expand into sustainable animal feeds and even insect protein products for people. Bardee also produces an insect casting fertiliser, called Superfly, rich in beneficial microbes and plant nutrients. Before Bardee, Phoebe was working on billion-dollar rail upgrade projects in major global cities.


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9 - 11 march