Natasha Mooney

Wine Architect
Winemaker and business owner for 20 years this year. I started my winemaking in Australia and travelled as a consultant around the world before settling to the regions of Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley to buy a piece of dirt and start my own labels. I continue to consult to various wineries doing everything between vineyard and bottling. My passion has been alternate varietals of an Italian and Spanish pedigree, the nuances and complexities of varieties such as Fiano , Sangiovese and Nero d'Avola are perfectly suited for South Australia. Now my vineyard in the village of Greenock on the mighty Western ridge of the Barossa is a main focus as I learn to regeneratively farm a piece of land that is an honour to be custodian of. I see the wine industry as a petri dish of business models and insights. From fourth generation wine families to natural wine renegades and the corporates inbetween, there is something for everyone and this facet has interested me over my business life. My business is continually affected by changes in climate, natural disasters, export politics, import politics and the just the wine drinking trends of the world. I feel diversity has been one of my keys to the successful business I have experienced so far, that and continuing to evolve. There is so much opportunity out there as a primary producer or as someone wanting to vertically integrate.


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9 - 11 march