Kfir Damari

Co founder VP Education SpaceIL
Kfir is the co-founder of SpaceIL, co-founder of Tabookey, a mentor and public speaker on entrepreneurship and strategic thinking as well as a cyber-security and computer-networking expert. SpaceIL's team is the first team in the world to achieve a privately funded spacecraft, and the first Israeli team to send it to the moon. By doing so, SpaceIL has inspired children all around Israel to find interest in Space, Science, and entrepreneurship, and nurtured Israel’s place as a world leader in science & technology. Kfir began studying computers in preschool, started programming at the age of 6 and wrote his first computer virus at the age of 1. He has held a few R&D leadership roles in the past, as well as teaching positions at Ben-Gurion University, Tel Aviv University, The college of management, and the IDF. He holds an MSc in Communication Systems Engineering and is a veteran of an elite section of the IDF 8200 unit. Kfir’s vision is to empower the youth and encourage youngsters to pursue their goals, “Dream Big. Make it happen”. Kfir invests great resources in nurturing the next generation of Groundbreakers and believes investing in today's children is breaking the boundaries of tomorrow.


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9 - 11 march