Kari Allen

Co-founder Sparkke
Sparkke is one of the world’s first for purpose beer and wine companies: it is founded and led by women who are tackling the entrenched cultural and gender stereotypes driving Australia’s $15+ billion pa male-dominated industry. Kari launched Sparkke in November 2016 with the most successful alcohol crowd-funding campaign in Australia’s history. Her extensive international strategic marketing experience with iconic companies such as RM Williams, NIKE, ANZ and LendLease is now applied full time to this disruptive social enterprise. Under Kari’s guidance in visual design and bold ideology, the Sparkke brand has carved out its place as a craft beverage producer. Her values of social equity, inclusion and a passion for excellence have translated seamlessly into brewpub Sparkke at the Whitmore, which the Adelaide-based company opened in March this year.


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9 - 11 march