Jason Held

Chief Executive Officer
Saber Astronautics
As CEO of Saber Astronautics, Dr. Jason Held is the leader of multidisciplinary science and engineering teams providing executive and technical leadership, business development and planning, branding and marketing guidance, vision and company direction, and principle investigation. Dr. Held earned his PhD in Aerospace and Mechatronics from University of Sydney and two Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science from the Virginia Military Institute. He has developed new methods of measuring the performance of complex systems using machine learning. He founded the University of Sydney's Space Engineering laboratory and lead a team of students constructing Australia's first premix rocket engine. Jason was a distinguished leader in the U.S. Army where he was a frontrunner of the worldwide deployable U.S. Army Space Support Team (ARSST), providing space military planning and operations. In other roles, Jason contributed to the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3, launched in the final Hubble servicing mission in 2009) as a Flight Software Engineer where he was responsible for command & telemetry, and hardware and software integration. Also, a test engineer for the Intermediate Command Module (ICM) section planned as a backup for the International Space Station where he designed tests and conducted software maintenance to transfer code from functional to object oriented design.


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9 - 11 march