Ingrid Burkett

The Yunus Centre, Griffith University
Professor Ingrid Burkett is the Co-Director of the Yunus Centre at Griffith University.  Her work spans innovation, entrepreneurship and impact. Her background includes qualifications in design, social work, economics and business and much of her work has focussed on how we can address complex problems - from entrenched disadvantage to shifting how we invest and contract better so we can have a deeper impact on issues like homelessness and domestic violence. Ingrid has worked across Australia and around the world, with a focus on how we can shift systems to enable better outcomes for people, places and the planet. Along the way she has built five social businesses, contributed to the design of practice models, policy and processes in a diversity of fields, including local economic development, ageing, disability, procurement, impact finance and impact investment. Ingrid led the foundation of social procurement in Australia with a number of guidebooks and research reports. She also provided much groundwork for Australia’s entry into social and impact investment, having undertaken seminal research work whilst working at Australia’s first community development finance institution. Ingrid has designed the foundations for a number of key place-based initiatives aimed at addressing entrenched disadvantage including GROW, the Geelong Regional Opportunities for Work initiative, an innovative, award winning approach to engaging business in addressing disadvantage. Her previous leadership role at The Australian Centre for Social Innovation involved building internal and external capability in design for social innovation, and leading TACSI’s portfolio of systems innovation work which focussed on shifting outcomes in some of Australia’s most challenging social issues.  Ingrid is a Past President and Honorary Ambassador of the International Association for Community Development and is committed to fostering deep local and international dialogue about designing innovative methodologies for sustainable development. Ingrid has held a number of University positions, including as inaugural Social Design Fellow for the Centre for Social Impact at the University of NSW and UWA. 


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9 - 11 march