Callum MacPherson

Young Blood Media
Callum MacPherson is the Founder of Young Blood Media, a business based on the art of storytelling. He is the creator and host of national award winning young men's mental health video podcast, 'Young Blood - Men's Mental Health', a passion project that laid the foundation for Young Blood Media to be built. A former 7NEWS reporter, Callum has years of TV experience working across Queensland and South Australia and holds a degree in journalism. In 2019, Callum’s life was changed by the tragic suicide of a close friend and he created the Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health podcast to be a public platform for young men to openly share their struggles, underpinned by the goal of helping to reduce suicide. Callum is now a speaker and facilitator who offers a professional podcast hosting service, facilitates podcast workshops for school staff and students and is collaborating to develop and present programs in the school wellbeing space. He also works at the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute as a Media Officer.


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9 - 11 march