Annette Reid

Head Programmer/Study Lead
42 Adelaide
After a career in agriculture, running and owning various farms, I returned to study to start a degree in IT. Going back to university at the age of 42 and studying IT has been the best and most interesting thing I have ever done. Receiving a wonderful cadetship opportunity at Services Australia, I began my tech career working with many different coding languages and frameworks, it is where I realised that creating customer facing content that is accessible is something that is close to my heart. From there I moved into a software engineering role at SAAB Australia, which gave me such a great appreciation for precision coding and application development, it was a great opportunity to work with such a tight team. All of these experiences have lead me into the exciting role at 42 Adelaide as Head Programmer and Study Lead, helping students navigate an alternative route into the tech industry that just isn’t available in traditional educational settings. I have always been passionate about knowledge and skill sharing and am excited to help and encourage our students to create their future in the tech industry in their own unique way and to make their goals a reality.


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9 - 11 march