What will I gain by attending _SOUTHSTART (Revival) 2022?

You will learn, connect and be inspired by leaders, innovators and investors who are pioneers in their respective industriesImmerse yourself in masterclasses, investor pitches, forums and more to experience a unique and intimate learning opportunity and create deep long-lasting connections with others.

Why can’t I buy a bundle of tickets to various events like I have in the past?

Like all good innovators we have found a way to make this event as safe as possible...which unfortunately means that we are not selling bundle tickets this year! To give all our community members the chance to experience _SOUTHSTART (Revival) 2022, we have chosen to sell individual tickets to each seperate event. By having a diverse range of voices in the room, we hope to facilitate richer more meaningful conversations - whilst also staying covid-safe.

You announced Adelaide Curious at the end of last year and now it doesn’t seem to be part of the program. Has this been cancelled for 2022?

Yes. With the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, the rapid spread of the Omicron variant and the ongoing fluctuating restrictions we have made the difficult decision to postpone Adelaide Curious. Initial industry interest in Adelaide Curious is strong and whilst we are disappointed, it is the right decision based on the current situation right now.

Why have you decided to proceed with the _SOUTHSTART (Revival) 2022 event when COVID-19 impacts in South Australia are more predominant than ever before?

We know that the last few weeks have presented many twists and turns, although we are powering forward to safely deliver an event that is very much needed amongst the start-up ecosystem. This event presents an opportunity for people to reboot their business ideas and accelerate forward their path to success we believe it is time for us all to thrive, not merely survive. With that being said we do understand your concerns and would like to note that attendance is optional. We have modified the program to ensure that it is covid safe and SA health compliant.

Will _SOUTHSTART follow all of the correct COVID management protocols in order to deliver (Revival)?

Absolutely! The team at _SOUTHSTART will be following all of the correct management protocols and guidelines as set by the SA Health. This includes capacity limits at venues, QR code check-in requirements, social distancing, mandatory mask wearing (when indoors) and the implementation of a covid-safe plan. We are committed to making this a valuable experience for all attendees whilst ensuring everyone remains safe!

Will the _SOUTHSTART (Revival) events enforce mandatory mask wearing and proof of vaccination?

We understand that in South Australia it remains a challenging time for many people as the situation is ever-changing. In line with our approved COVID-Safe Plan, mask wearing will be required on arrival and when not eating or drinking indoors. Mandatory check-in with QR code will also be required on arrival. This will be managed by the COVID Marshall’s on site. Some of our event venues also require mandatory vaccinations, and guests will be advised accordingly on their respective event pages. We are following best practices as we move into the future and have ensured this event will remain safe for all attendees.

When venue capacities are currently so limited due to COVID-19, how are you managing to keep the event going?

We have made the difficult decision to proceed with the event despite the capacity restrictions currently in place throughout South Australia. We will be abiding by current density restrictions as outlined by the Government and therefore the number of tickets available has heavily reduced. But there is no need to fear - the program lineup has been curated to allow for a safe number of you wonderful humans so that we can continue to connect and share stories!

If _SOUTHSTART (Revival) is listed as a close contact site, what does this mean for the attendees?

We have worked hard to ensure that this event can proceed in a safe and compliant manner. In the situation that any of the venues are listed as exposure sites, we will follow the directions provided by SA Health. All attendees will need to follow these instructions set by SA Health and take the necessary actions required.

Is it safe to attend _SOUTHSTART (Revival)?

Yes! We will be following all Government guidelines to ensure that this is a safe event for attendees.As a result of the current climate in South Australia, we will be reducing the capacity at all of our events whilst also running some exciting virtual sessions to further minimise any risk.

Will my ticket be refunded if I no longer can attend the event due to contracting COVID-19 and having to isolate?

We are here to support all of our community members during this unprecedented time! If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and/or are required to isolate during the event, please reach out to us and we will advise on next steps.