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Supper Party

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10 March 2022


6:30pm - 10:00pm


Golden Boy

Supper Party


There’s something magical that happens at our Supper Parties. it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what or why that is. Perhaps, as with great food, it comes down to a few simple, quality ingredients. Is it the intimacy of feasting at the dinner table? with familiar, friendly faces? exciting, inquisitive new ones? the smell of food travelling the room? overheard snippets of conversations on quantum physics, humanity, space travel? or the establishment of a fully decentralised web and future? We think there is no greater way of easing into the _SOUTHSTART experience than by breaking bread with friends new and old. Sharing stories and heartaches, success and failures, and flaming visions of a future yet unknown. There are a wealth of ingredients behind the magic. And you're invited to discover them all.


Golden Boy

309 North Terrace

Golden Boy

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Choose your own adventure as you enter the world of ODYSSEY!

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_SOUTHSTART is about people coming together, collaborating, talking ideas, and passing stories through generations.

Karl Telfer, Co-Founder at Yellaka

It’s been a super productive week at _SOUTHSTART. Great insights and learnings for me to take back home.

Anna El Tahchy, CTO at Nourish Ingredients

The energy in the room was amplified. The smiles multiplied. The connections strengthened. We all ended up on the winning team.

Julie Trell, Chief Play Officer at Playful Purpose

You guys throw a mean party. Nice to be a part of it. Thanks for the fun!

Simon Thomsen, Editor at Startup Daily

An incredible week at _SOUTHSTART, revelling in human connections, stories and new ideas.

Jeanette Cheah, CEO & Founder at HEX

The [Fintech] event I went to translated to real $$$ for us. [That] is the real impact of _SOUTHSTART events. Thank you!

Alison Nikula, Care App

I woke up this morning thinking, what the heck did I just experience? Very grateful to have met you all and will be back next year unconditionally. Thanks you absolute legends!

Lauren Black, Atlassian Foundation

I was struck by the uniqueness of this event as it started and continued to focus on us as humans – not just superstar entrepreneurs, but humans. We need this approach if entrepreneurs are to deliver the social and economic changes we need in the world.

Dr Sarah Pearson – Investor, Board Director, Advisor & Innovation Leader

All the team at _SOUTHSTART did an amazing job of making me feel welcome in their city, and the event itself was one of the most organised I've had the privilege of being involved in.

Cameron Adams – Co-Founder at Canva


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